About CP Media Relations

We are a boutique styled New World Media Marketing consulting firm specializing in comprehensive global and domestic PR, advertising and marketing programs. Our firm creates fast track, brand-building utilizing B2B, B2C and P2P marketing that maximizes awareness, market share and ROI.

We deliver a wide range of content including writing/editing, placing and posting articles, press releases, ads and case studies, while partnering with contacts in a wide range of media outlets including national magazines, major newspapers, trade publications, media websites, wire services, blogs, and other outlets.

Clients receive personalized service and attention to detail with short- and long-term strategies, helping to manage inbound and outbound communications for a broad array of targets and channels. Programs include trade show PR, product placement, community outreach, and development of intellectual properties

We are a valued influencer, information disseminator and multiplier in the social media ecosystem and traditional media landscape, using a multitude of platforms. Our firm develops initiatives and market intelligence strategies to expand current models, while increasing client footprints on the web, in-print and in the marketplace.